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VLIBTC Online Study FAQ 

What is VLIBTC online study?

This is a great way to study the Word of God with anointed teachers if you are unable to attend classes onsite. You will be able to listen online to the same lectures that the onsite students receive. Teachers will be available to answer questions by phone, appointment or email and regular tutorial sessions will be provided to support you in your studies.

What courses are offered online?

  • 10996NAT – Certificate IV in Christian Ministry (Ministry Stream only)
  • Individual units of interest can be taken, from within the Cert IV course
  • Non-assessment options are available

How long does it take to complete the course?

You can essentially work through the course at your own pace. The Certificate IV comprises 15 units. Online students undertake the course unit by unit. The maximum time to complete a unit is three months.

In order to qualify for Austudy/Youth Allowance, an online student should complete the course within a 12-month period. This requires a workload of approximately twelve 50-minute lessons per week, plus participation in practical ministry.

What is non-accredited study?

Enrolling as a non-accredited online student means that you receive all the teaching but you do not need to complete any assessments. You will not receive a recognised qualification but you will   receive a certificate of attendance for units you undertake.

How much does it cost?

Each unit is $288.00 for accredited study or $200.00 per unit for non-accredited. Please refer to the fee schedule for further details. VLIBTC studies do not qualify for Fee Help, but full-time students may apply for Centrelink Austudy/Youth Allowance.

Can I study online on an International student visa?

No, International Students on a student visa must study full-time and onsite. Enquire further if you are interested in non-accredited study of particular units for personal development.

When can I start?

Online students may enrol at any time. Be aware that the office staff will be on leave for a few weeks in December-January which means that new units cannot be commenced and support will not be available during this period.

How do I enrol for VLIBTC online study?

  1. Read the Fee Schedule
  2. Complete the AUS/NZ application form with required documents
  3. Read the External Studies Student Handbook which will be provided to you
  4. Complete the enrolment process which includes an interview, an LLN test and online registration

If you are already an enrolled student at VLIBTC, contact the office to discuss your options for undertaking further subjects online.

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