Study Options

Potential Pathways

Vocational Outcomes


The 10176NAT- Diploma of Christian Leadership can be studied as a :

  • Full-time Day Student from 8:30 to 12:30 Monday to Friday.
  • Part-time Day Student – any subject or as many subjects as you like
  • Non-accredited Student (no assessmensts) at a 15% discount. Students receive a certificate of attendance not the 10176NAT- Diploma of Christian Leadership
  • International Student – student visas require full time attendance

Potential Pathways for Course Participants

Into the course

Students who have completed the 10175NAT-Certificate IV in Christian Ministry or an AQF 4 level Christian ministry course at another Registered Training Organisation may consider enrolling in the 10176NAT-Diploma of Christian Leadership.

Further study

Completion of the 10176NAT-Diploma of Christian Leadership may lead to further studies in a Theological or Ministry Degree at another college.

Victory Life International Bible Training Centre has a formalised agreement with Alphacrucis College. Under the arrangement a student who has completed the 10176NAT-Diploma of Christian Leadership is guaranteed admission and 80 credit points towards the 240 total credit points required for the completion of an Alphacrucis College Bachelor Degree: Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Ministry, or the Bachelor of Theology. 


A student who has satisfactorily demonstrated competence in all units of competency (including RPL and credit transfer grants) pertaining to the 10176NAT-Diploma of Christian Leadership may seek employment in ministry related roles within a church or para-church organisation.

Vocational Outcomes

This course is intended to provide participants with a range of knowledge, and skills to perform the following functions associated with leadership in Christian Ministry within the church and community, either as employees or volunteers:

  • Teach small groups from a mature Biblical foundation
  • Preach to small groups in outreach and cross cultural missions
  • Provide pastoral care to individuals within the church or local community
  • Lead teams in Ministry of Helps within the church or local community
  • Assist Pastors in Church Planting and Missionary Outreach

It will provide a stepping-stone to enhanced ministry and career opportunities to function as a Pastor (Minister of Religion), Para-Church Worker, or Christian Educator.