Potential Pathways &

Vocational Outcomes


10996NAT-Certificate IV in Christian Ministry

Further study

  • When you have completed the 10996NAT-Certificate IV in Christian Ministry at VLIBTC you may consider enrolling in the 10997NAT-Diploma of Christian Leadership and Ministry or at another Bible college.



  • When you have satisfactorily demonstrated competence in all units of competency (including RPL grants) pertaining to the 10996NAT-Certificate IV in Christian Ministry, you may seek employment in ministry related roles within a church or para-church organisation.
  • Students completing the Chaplaincy stream may seek employment for a School Chaplaincy role



This course is intended to provide you with a range of knowledge, and skills to perform the following functions associated with Christian Ministry within the church and community

  • Assist individually and in teams in Ministry of Helps within the church
  • Participate in small groups in outreach and cross-cultural missions
  • Assist with pastoral care to individuals within the church or local community
  • Support leadership in ministry
  • Participate in specialised areas developed within each stream including ministry to youth, leadership in worship, Christian influence and activation, chaplaincy, and pastoral care

It also aims to develop your understanding of principles for a Biblical lifestyle and to develop your skills in applying these principles in your personal life, family, workplace and ministry opportunities.

Course graduates working in the roles of Christian ministers, church-workers and volunteers, missionaries, school chaplains, Christian influencers, and Christian educators will have developed personal responsibility and accountability. They will also have developed the ability to organise others within broad but generally well-defined parameters in ministry activities to achieve the required outcomes for the Church community.

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