Australia / New Zealand

To begin the application process complete the steps below. This application is for Australian and New Zealand citizens.

Traning Champions Slogan

Admission Requirements

Applicants to VLIBTC are required:

  • To demonstrate a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour
  • To live a consistent Christian lifestyle and agree to follow the VLIBTC student behaviour standards
  • The minimum enrolment age is 16 years for National students or completion of year 10 or equivalent secondary schooling
  • To be competent in both spoken and written English. Evidence of Year 10 English or above is required.
  • Regular local church attendance is vital.
  • Recommendation from the student’s Pastor is required prior to enrolment.
Fee Schedule

Please note the following Schedule of Tuition Fees should be read in conjunction with the current VLIBTC Prospectus.

Payment can be made by direct debit or credit card.


Australia and New Zealand Application $50

To pay your tuition fees online, kindly click here for banking details


Full-Time Students

Due at the commencement of the course and non-refundable/not optional. Includes the cost of VLIBTC Retreat, Graduation Dinner & Graduation Ceremony with supper.

Part-Time and Non-Accredited Students

Must pay for all lessons whether attended or not. Activity fees to be paid separately if attending the VLIBTC Retreat, Graduation Dinner & Graduation Ceremony

Refund Policy

The following percentage of refund will apply: where 20% or less of the course has been provided to the student a 100% refund less $200 administration fee will apply. Where less than 50% of the course has been provided to the student a 50% refund less $200 administration fee will apply. Where 50% or more of the course has been provided to the student no refund will apply.

Fees Paid in Advance

VLIBTC accepts a maximum of $1000.00 for student fees paid prior to course commencement. Following course commencement fees paid in advance may not exceed $1500.00.

Recognised Prior Learning

Same cost as the current subject/unit cost; see FEE SCHEDULE.

Text Books

Approximately $100 for each year – required reading is available from the VLC bookshop and the VLIBTC library

Replacement of qualification documents and records of results is $20.00.

Late submission of assessments incurs a charge of $25 per assessment until close off date.

Admission Process

Step 1
  • Read Admission Requirements, VLIBTC Prospectus & Fee Schedule.
  • Complete Australian and New Zealand Student Application Form.
  • Carefully read pre-enrolment information on the last page of the application form and sign.
  • Read Privacy Notice
  • Submit the application form with $50AUD fee including a passport size photo
  • Submit one Pastor’s Recommendation on the appropriate form
  • Submit one Personal Reference on appropriate form
  • Submit a one-page testimony of how you came to know Jesus as your personal saviour and how He has impacted your life.
  • Submit evidence of Level 10 English ‘C’ or higher.
  • If applicable, submit a request for Recognised Prior Learning.
Step 2
  • When the above documents have been received VLIBTC will arrange an interview. There may be an additional interview for specialised streams.
Step 3
  • VLIBTC will issue a letter of acceptance outlining the orientation program times, dates of commencement of term and a link for online registration. Student Handbook available upon request
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