This is a great way to study the Word of God with anointed teachers if you are unable to attend classes on site. You will be able to listen to the same lectures that the on-site students receive. Teachers will be available to answer questions by phone, appointment or email.

Assignments may be emailed or posted in to teachers. Exams will require an invigilator who will supervise and forward items to the college. A Statement of Attainment will be issued where competency is gained in a unit.

Note: External and Part time studies are not available to students on an International Student Visa 

External courses available are:

Full Time External

In order to qualify for Austudy an external student is required to complete at least 75% of the course units in one study year. This requires a workload of approximately twelve 50-minute lessons per week.

Part time External

Individual units may be taken at the student’s own pace. Non assessment options are available. External studies are not available to students in the Perth metropolitan area except in exceptional circumstances.


Study Options


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