Study Options


Full-time study on site is the most effective study option if you want college to have a quick, rich and life changing impact. Full-time includes daily chapel with inspiring worship, and opportunities for students to step out in encouraging others or in the gifts of the Spirit. It also includes weekly outreaches into the community; schools, mission trips and prayer walks along with opportunities to develop practical skills within the local church.

Note: International Students may only study fill time and on site. 

Part-time day or night is the perfect way to study for others. You work through the subjects at your own pace enjoying the fellowship of other students and the interaction of the class.

External study is recommended for those living too far away to travel to the college or for those who are unable to attend for other reasons. Some students do the Certificate IV in Christian Ministry externally and then move location to experience college life.

Non Assessment Students participate in classes but are not required to complete assessments. They will be awarded a "Certificate of Attendance". (International & Austudy/Abstudy students may NOT attend as non assessment students)


Study Options


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