VLIBTC courses for Australian and New Zealand Students

Please note the following Schedule of Tuition Fees should be read in conjunction with the current VLIBTC Prospectus.
Payment can be made by direct debit or credit card.

52553WA Certificate IV in Christian Ministry
12 month course
52554WA Diploma of Christian Leadership
12 month course
10072NAT Advanced Diploma of Ministerial Leadership
18 month course



Tuition Fees

*All cost quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD). A non-refundable application Fee of $50 is required with your application.


Certificate IV in Christian Ministry

Diploma of Christian Leadership Advanced Diploma of Ministerial Leadership
Tuition $4,600 $4,800 $5,800
Activity Fee  $350 $350 $350
Textbooks $80 approx. $200 approx. $100 approx.
Total per annum $5,010 $5,350 $6,250


Fees Paid in Advance
VLIBTC will only enroll students who have paid the required course fees in advance.
VLIBTC will only accept a maximum of $1000.00 student fees in advance of course commencement. Following course commencement fees required to be paid will not exceed $1500.00 for any part of course that is yet to be delivered.
Full-time Fees
Payment of fees must be at least one week in advance. GST is not payable on student fees. Fees in arrears may result in student suspension until fees are brought up to date. Students will be invoiced on a term by term basis and statements will also be issued term by term.
Activity Fee
The activity fee will cover the cost of the one VLIBTC Retreat, one Graduation Dinner and one Graduation. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid in the first week of starting. If you are unable to attend for any reason, no refund will be given.
Part Time Day Fees
*For Certificate IV & Diploma courses only
Single unit - $110
Double unit - $220
Triple unit - $270
Students must pay for all lessons in a unit whether they attend or not. Retreat and Graduation costs are to be paid separately if attending. Part-time students will be invoiced on the basis of enrolled subjects. Payments are receipted immediately.

Night School Fees
Single unit (8 lessons) - $110
Double unit (16 lessons) - $220
Retreat and Graduation costs are to be paid separately if attending. Night school students must pay their fees at reception during the first week or over the phone during office hours, by cheque or by EFT.

Correspondence (Interstate and Country Only)
Full time/per term  $999.75
Part time/per subject 16 Lessons  $180.00
Part time/per subject 8 Lessons $90.00

Recognition of Prior Learning Fee
RPL is a form of assessment that acknowledges skills and knowledge gained through:
Formal training conducted by industry or education Work experience Life experience
The main principle of RPL focuses on the outcomes of learning rather than when or where the learning occurred. Evidence of competency is collected by the student and submitted to the nominated assessor and  assessment is made based on the required industry standard within the relevant training package unit of competency.
If you believe this may apply to you for any part of the course, then you should request an application kit during the enrolment process.

Entire Course - $4300
16 - Lessons $180
8 - Lessons $90
Text Books 
Text Books are an additional cost 
Cert IV- $300.00 aprox
Dip- $160.00 aprox
Other Charges 
Late Sumission of Assessments- $25.00 per unit 
Resit of Units deemed NYC- $50.00 per unit 
Replacement of Qualification Documents- $20.00 per doc 
Creche (unlicensed)
Victory Life Centre Creche (unlicensed) is available for children (age from 2 months old to 6 years) at a cost of $5.00 per session per child.
Fee Reviews
Fees are reviewed annually. Students will be notified in writing of changes to the fee structure ahead of time. Fees will be set for each calendar year period. An agreed fee at the time of commencement of studies applies only to that particular calendar year