As a past student of Victory Life International Bible Training Centre you are a valued member of our alumni. You are invited to attend various events during the year such as Ministry and the Holy Spirit each Friday morning,

Seminar Week each Term, and Graduation Dinner*.  You will be informed during the year of events that are relevant to you if we have your contact details.

If you have changed your postal address, email or telephone number since graduation please let us know so we can keep you informed of events and general alumni news at admin@vlibtc.wa.

Feel free to keep in touch with past students on Facebook.

If you have a testimony of what God has been doing in the market place, ministry or in your life we would love to hear about it. Every Wednesday our current students pray for our alumni. Should you have a prayer request, please email us at admin@vlibtc.wa.  so that we can stand with you for your answer.

We don’t always hear from our alumni but you have been an integral part of our college and helped to make it what it is today. We really would love to hear from you.

*Tickets must be purchased to attend VLIBTC Graduation dinner


Hi Pastor Judy,                                                                     

Since finishing at VLIBTC, I’ve travelled to China. It was a calling that’s been ‘bugging’ me for the last eight years... At VLIBTC Father again reinforced what He has prepared for me. I remember clearly one morning, you asked students to step forward, I saw many Chinese people with their hands raised up in the air, it looked like they were praising Father. I told Him, “Well, you don’t need me to go to China, there are already so many believers”. But I heard Him say, “No, look at their faces. They’re not praying or praising, they’re crying out for help. Look at the agony that’s on their faces. They’re in a ditch, their hands are raised because they need someone to pull them out. They’re crying out for help!”                                                                                                                 

Being in the centre of His will, it’s the best place to be. My time at VLBTC, although just a year,  was good and very beneficial. I knew at that moment it was the place where Father wanted me to be. I was there to absorb as much as I possibly could, I wanted to be equipped because I knew Father was preparing me for China. VLBTC was very practical. I still do my proclamations almost every day here. When you’re away from family and friends and go into a foreign land, loneliness can become your greatest enemy, your mind can be filled with so much negativity. I have to consciously remind myself who I am in Jesus Christ. How the enemy flees when I shout “I have the mind of Jesus Christ; I am the head and not the tail; I am more than a conqueror; I can do all things through Him who strengthens me; I love because He first loved me; I have a hope and a future in Him; I am the child of the most high God!”

Although China can be lonely, everything else had been easy and smooth. I’ve visited orphanages with short term teams; taught English at a rural village school; had regular art classes with a HIV girl and her mum; met Chinese uni-students who were keen to improve their English at English corners; done art and crafts at a community centre for teens with disabilities;

It’s been an incredible journey and still the best and safest place to be is in the centre of Father’s will.  As long as our eyes are focused on Him, you can’t go wrong. Before I left Australia, I was given the verse “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Cor 12:9). Be encouraged that whatever the Father has asked you to do, He would give you the grace to do it. You only need to believe and receive.




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