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Bible College Perth

Victory Life International Bible Training Centre (VLIBTC) was established in 1997 by the Reverend Margaret Court.

The vision of our Bible college is to train and equip men and women to reach their full potential in Christ; in life, the workplace and ministry and to take this city, nation and world for Jesus.


President’s Message

Victory Life International Bible Training Centre (VLIBTC) is a place where students are taught to be victorious overcomers in every area of their life; spirit, soul and body. I see our Bible college teaching men and women to realise their full potential and stature in Christ, by becoming:


Having full understanding of the importance of knowing who they are and what they have in Christ; this righteousness being the foundation of their faith and the key to their future success in life and ministry.


Rightly discerning the Word of God as the truth and grounded in the word of faith, love and compassion for the ministry of reconciliation.


Taking up our rightful position as believers who have been given all authority and power over the enemy.


Learning how to move in the Holy Spirit and His gifts, building up a relationship of total dependency on Him.


First recognising that success in life and ministry is totally dependent on an intimate prayer life with Christ.

Committed and Faithful

By recognising that servanthood and leadership are attained by diligently studying and applying the Word of God.

Our Bible college is a training ground for those called to the workplace, five-fold ministry and the ministry of helps – where God can raise up an army of strong believers fully prepared and adequately equipped to take this nation and the nations for Jesus. By the Word of God and the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, students will develop the foundational life skills necessary for a successful life and effective work in the Kingdom of God.

I see students developing their vision to be broad enough to always see the big picture of God’s plan for themselves and their nation, to enable them to be builders of God’s Kingdom with a servant heart.


Reverend Margaret Court AO, MBE

Victory Life International Bible Training Centre Founder and Senior Minister Victory Life Centre Incorporated.


The Rev. Margaret Court was a former tennis champion who won a record 64 major titles. This record still stands today and as a result she is considered to be the greatest tennis player of all time. This shows her receiving one of her 3 Wimbledon titles. After becoming a Christian she was called into full time ministry with a mandate to train believers to be champions by building their life on the Word of God. As a result, she began Victory Life International Bible Training Centre with an emphasis on training champions.

Bible school has taught me to choose my
attitude everyday; to walk in victory and see myself as a champion.

– Lynsey

Traning Champions Slogan
Ps Judy Saxby

Deputy Principal’s Message

Bible School changed my life and it can change yours.

Twenty five years ago I enrolled in Bible School where I learned that God is good and the truth of His Word sets you free. Understanding and applying the Word transformed every area of my life and it will do the same for anyone seeking to know the truth.

I am passionate about VLIBTC because I continually see student’s lives being transformed into nation changers. I see students being trained and equipped into faithful and committed people who are strong in prayer and the Word of God, full of the Spirit and have a passion for building and supporting their local church and reaching their community.

VLIBTC is more than a training centre, it is a safe place for you personally to come and learn how to minister in love and how to walk in power. Join us and train to reign; let your life be transformed.


Ps Judy Saxby
Deputy Principal
Bachelor of Education
Executive Pastor VLC

Bible School changed my life and it can change yours.

– Ps Judy Saxby

Traning Champions Slogan

Bible College Overview

Our Perth based Bible college is a Pentecostal Word of Faith Bible Training Centre. Our students are empowered and equipped to develop the strong foundation of both hearing and doing God’s Word.

VLIBTC is located in the Perth suburb of Osborne Park, Western Australia.

As an approved Registered Training Organisation with Australian Skills Quality Authority we offer:

These courses can be completed on site or externally.

International Students are required to study full-time and onsite.

You are welcome you to join us as a guest at our Open Week held at the start of each semester.

We train in the word of faith to reign as faith champions.


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