President's Message

Victory Life International Bible Training Centre (VLIBTC) is a place where students are taught to be victorious overcomers in every area of their life; spirit, soul and body. I see our Bible college teaching men and women to realise their full potential and stature in Christ, by becoming:

Knowledgeable2 - Rightly discerning the Word of God as the truth and grounded in the word of faith, love and compassion for the ministry of reconciliation.

Authoritative - Taking up our rightful position as believers who have been given all authority and power over the enemy.

Righteous Having full understanding of the importance of knowing who they are and what they have in Christ; this righteousness being the foundation of their faith and the key to their future success in life and ministry.

Committed  faithful By recognising that servanthood and leadership are attained by diligently studying and applying the Word of God.

Prayerful First recognising that success in life and ministry is totally dependent on an intimate prayer life with Christ.

Powerful  Anointed Learning how to move in the Holy Spirit and His gifts, building up a relationship of total dependency on Him.

Our Bible college is a training ground for those called to the workplace, five-fold ministry and the ministry of helps – where God can raise up an army of strong believers fully prepared and adequately equipped to take this nation and the nations for Jesus. By the Word of God and the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, students will develop the foundational life skills necessary for a successful life and effective work in the Kingdom of God.


I see students developing their vision to be broad enough to always see the big picture of God’s plan for themselves and their nation, to enable them to be builders of God’s Kingdom with a servant heart.

Reverend Dr Margaret Court

President/Principal AO, MBE, PhD LLD (hon)
Victory Life International Bible Training Centre Founder and Senior Minister Victory Life Centre Inc.



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